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Euro Smart DPO has been concerned since the publication of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 679/2016 with its study by participating in specific training and courses in order to learn and understand the purpose and implementation. I followed the activity of ANSPDCP since its establishment and I found through practical situations the analysis method and the requirements imposed by them. Euro Smart DPO is formed continuously in order not to lose sight of any new element subject to implementation and thus offering TOP services.

Any company, regardless of the number of employees it has, must have appointed / outsourced GDPR implementation and implementation monitoring services through an auditor or Data Protection Officer – DPO. Companies must take steps to ensure that the data they process is kept secure, processed in accordance with the regulations (without collecting excess data) and that their records are kept (consent plays a very important role – supply, withdrawal, expiry).

If you want your company to be fully aligned with the regulations, we recommend that you use our services that guarantee the protection and correct collection of personal data and thus obtain satisfaction and good results in dealing with ANSPDCP controls and / or in case of requests from data subjects. Euro Smart DPO provides services for auditing, consulting, processing, implementation of personal data protection (GDPR) requirements and outsourcing of data protection services.


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The need to apply EU Regulation 679/2016 arises when personal data are processed. This requires the operator to meet a number of requirements in his actions:

It starts from the request followed by the receipt of the consent and / or the information of the data subject of the fact that the data are processed according to the law…

Following the processing of the data, the storage periods, their shelf life and the protection complied with must be observed…

Requests may arise at any time from data subjects who wish to exercise their rights under EU Regulation 679/2016…

Diversity and Inclusion

International Partners

Diversity and Inclusion

International Partners

Diversity and Inclusion

International Partners

Diversity and Inclusion

International Partners

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The Euro Smart DPO team is continuously trained in order not to lose sight of any new element subject to implementation, constantly studying the expertise and activity of ANSPDCP (National Authority for Supervision of Personal Data Processing) and thus offering premium services.


Simona Adonicioaie

GDPR Auditor

Personal data protection officer, expert in national security, human resources, European projects / funds and S.I.C.A.P.


Diana Talmaciu

GDPR Officer

Diana Talmaciu joined Euro Smart DPO in 2020 as a Data Protection Officer, after previously graduating the LAW school.

Team 2

Bogdan Adonicioaie

IT Director

IT passionate and ITIL certified, specialized in the development of IT processes, protection of databases and prevention of security breaches.

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Mirona Tudor, WellRomania

The General Data Protection Regulation has led to a drastic increase in the level of stress in the context of the large amount of information received at the time of its entry into force. I recommend Euro Smart DPO specialists for GDPR implementation activity in the company and for primary services by outsourcing DPO. With thanks!

Ionuț Rudeanu, MED+

Finally, we can say that we comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. After much searching and interviews, I called Euro Smart DPO to outsource consulting services on GDPR. Following this collaboration, I was left with 3 words that characterize them: Kind, Prompt and Professionals. Many thanks to the Euro Smart DPO team!

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